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Kuncl’s Mill (originally Šourek’s Mill) is located in a secluded place, surrounded by forests and meadows, in the valley of the Brzina stream, about a kilometre northwest of the village of the same name. As the only one of nearly twenty mills on the Brzina stream, it uses the energy of water in the original way again. The water wheel with a diameter of 3.5 metres and output of 7 HP drives the saw and produces electricity needed by the mill. With its energy production from a renewable resource, and farming friendly to the land and countryside, Kuncl’s Mill meets the strict criteria of the European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism.

Pestrá krajina [26.01.2019]

V loňském roce 2018 se farma Kunclův mlýn zůčastnila programu Asociace soukromého zemědělství ČR "Pestrá krajina" v kterém získala zlatou medaily.

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Tábor "Prázdniny v sedle" [19.01.2019]
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